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What is FRESCA!?

Festival FRESCA! is back in Alicante! Our third edition will, once again, be in July, but as we like to keep things fresh, this year we’re changing the venue…but not the city! And of course, we still have all the excitement and our desire to surprise you.

Contemporary dance, flamenco, theatre, circus, music and so much fun. From near and from far away, but always the highest quality performances. Anyway, no one can say that this offering doesn’t interest them, because in FRESCA! there is something for everyone.
We are fresh, and have created a programme full of energy, laughter and, why not, tears too. But tears that move and speak to you on another level.
Furthermore, this year we have “LA TERRACITA” by Meet&Live, the cosiest corner of the festival for you to hydrate with a FRESCA! drink!
We want to be with you, whether you’re on holiday or you’re working. It doesn’t matter to us. What we want, is to see you. And to feel you. And then you can tell us how it all was.
Do you dare?

The FRESCA! Programme

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Where are we?

This year we’re changing locations (yes…that’s three now!), and we’re going to be in the Casa Mediterráneo (Alicante’s old train station near the port). Because in the summer, what could be cooler than being next to the sea?


When will we be with you?

From the 20th to the 30th of July at Casa Mediterráneo. But anyway, next year we might change again. That’s just how we are…