Directly from this year’s edition of the prestigious Avignon Festival, the dance company Mal Pelo, artistically co-directed by Pep Ramis and María Muñoz, arrives at FRESCA! After more than a decade exploring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Mal Pelo presents HIGHLANDS, the latest piece that concludes the tetralogy of the Bach Project, a study that, over many years and many hours of research, has questioned the dialogue between dance and the baroque contrapuntal music.

A sonic and visual journey where the fusion of different disciplines summons a plural body, ready to be inhabited and traversed. A production for 16 performers: 8 dancers, 4 singers, and 4 string musicians. If you enjoy classical music, opera, dance, film, and poetry, this is the show for you.

Gold Medal from the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts in 2022.