A log and a man. PELAT is a proposal that blurs the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre, and performance; between audience and spectacle. Through a revisiting of rural and artisanal techniques, and by highlighting collective work, Joan outlines a preliminary plan and, in particular, revives the dialogue between man and object, creating a fleeting encounter whose sole objective is to share, listen, and participate.

A unique action that evolves as a result of interaction with the spectator. The key is to remain open, active, receptive to change, and break with conventions in order to enjoy the freedom to choose.


Directly from this year’s edition of the prestigious Avignon Festival, the dance company Mal Pelo, artistically co-directed by Pep Ramis and María Muñoz, arrives at FRESCA! After more than a decade exploring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Mal Pelo presents HIGHLANDS, the latest piece that concludes the tetralogy of the Bach Project, a study that, over many years and many hours of research, has questioned the dialogue between dance and the baroque contrapuntal music.

A sonic and visual journey where the fusion of different disciplines summons a plural body, ready to be inhabited and traversed. A production for 16 performers: 8 dancers, 4 singers, and 4 string musicians. If you enjoy classical music, opera, dance, film, and poetry, this is the show for you.

Gold Medal from the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts in 2022.


Specialists in traditional dance and music from the Basque Country, the young artists of Bilaka, a collective in partnership with the Southern-Aquitaine National Scene, invite internationally renowned artists of Basque origin, Martin Harriague and Stéphane Garin, to explore a dark page in the history of the Basque Country and Europe: the bombing of Guernica (Gernika in Basque), and through it, denounce the violence of wars in our time.

Martin Harriague’s dramaturgy pays homage to Picasso’s visual manifesto; the music, performed live by three Basque musicians, is another important factor; and the choreography itself represents an exciting challenge, a fusion of artistic languages. The goal is to listen to the resonance that still remains from that day in Guernica, here and now. It is a meeting between traditional and contemporary culture. A look into the past to envision the future…


Following their initial international successes, choreographer Rafaela Carrasco and playwright Álvaro Tato continue their process of shared creativity, alongside an exceptional team that takes music and flamenco to new levels of exploration and discovery.

Through words and bodies, NOCTURNA presents a dance, musical, and poetic exploration of the profound motifs and contradictions that the night brings, seen from the perspective of lucidity and the hallucinations of those who experience insomnia: the reverie against the nightmare, the subconscious against conscious thought, the celebration against tranquility… An insomniac journey from dusk to dawn that evokes the mysteries of emotion, consciousness, and memory.

Winner of the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Dance Show at the XXVII Flamenco Festival of Jerez de la Frontera, and nominated for Best Choreography at the XXVI MAX Awards for Performing Arts 2023.