The company Midnight was founded in 2015 by artists Simone Scaini and Joris Verbeeren, self-taught acrobats and jugglers who define themselves with a style that combines traditional and contemporary circus, while maintaining the danger and excitement that we all love in classic circus.

Their show US portrays a unique pair of “Homo Sapiens Idioticus”. Two accomplices, who together have discovered everything that can be done with a knife. Above them is the third actor of the show: the structure, from which about 100 objects hang, ready to fall at any moment, controlled by a computer. The show combines skill and technology with comedy. It’s an unhealthy mix of knife-throwing, a rebellious computer, and a bunch of bad ideas… Impossible to do something that isn’t fun.


For the first time, the circus company Galactick Ensemble bring their show OPTRAKEN to Spain.

In this piece, five fantastic acrobats confront a hostile environment. The unstable floor disappears beneath their feet, the walls wobble, the ceilings collapse, and dangers lurk everywhere. They emerge from and within the imbalance, creating a theatricality that we want to question, intensify, and stage. The objective? To showcase acrobatics not just as an elegant way to defy gravity, but as something with a capacity to test unpredictability.

Forget about the elegant frilly leotards and sequins: this wonderfully original acrobatic theatre piece is a battle where every movement is crucial for survival. It’s spectacular, impressive, unpredictable, and immensely fun. How do these five plaster-covered individuals manage to maintain their elegance and agility amidst this chaotic mess? That’s where all their charm lies!

CIA. CRIS-IS presents HOME

The acrobat and clown Cristina Solé Freixa has been working in the world of performing arts since 1998. Over these more than 20 years, she has traveled the world with great productions such as Circus Klezmer, Rodò, and Circo Ronaldo. She is also a co-founder of the companies Circo Imperfecto and Los2play. Cristina has worked as a performer with the company Circo Imperfecto, Los Excéntricos, and La Industrial Teatrera. She currently collaborates with Cia Ponte en Pie and Cia Leandre Clown. In 2017, she founded Cris-is, her own company, and after her first street solo show Wet Floor (2017), she now presents HOME, directed by Leandre Ribera.

In a miserable house, a couple lives their pitiful routine. HOME is a drama in the service of comedy that provokes laughter, the good kind, the hearty kind that heals. It’s a thrilling, emotional, hilarious, and tender clown show designed for all audiences.