A log and a man. PELAT is a proposal that blurs the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre, and performance; between audience and spectacle. Through a revisiting of rural and artisanal techniques, and by highlighting collective work, Joan outlines a preliminary plan and, in particular, revives the dialogue between man and object, creating a fleeting encounter whose sole objective is to share, listen, and participate.

A unique action that evolves as a result of interaction with the spectator. The key is to remain open, active, receptive to change, and break with conventions in order to enjoy the freedom to choose.


SONO IO? is an attempt by a father and son to reconnect (once again). United by a shared passion for music and tricks, they build a bridge between their similarities and differences. The father seems entrenched in his past, desperately seeking a long-lost feeling of ecstasy that he could only create with an audience. An audience that has been absent for a long time. The son seeks to reconcile his two beloved worlds: the old circus created by his father and the future, navigating between past glory and new opportunities. Danny and Pepijn Ronaldo, besides being father and son, are representatives of a lineage rooted in the circus world since the 19th century, spanning seven generations of artists.

Circus Ronaldo has toured the most prestigious theatres and circus festivals, from Reykjavik to Lisbon in Europe, to Australia and New Zealand. Based on ancient performance traditions, they create an innovative form of circus that is indissolubly linked to the roots of the past, to caravans and tents. Inspired by commedia dell’arte, they create a world of magical realism that makes us doubt what is real and what is not. It is a manifestation of emotion and tradition, a mirror reflecting our fragile identity. It offers a unique experience.