The Manolo Alcántara company, known for its artisanal touch, returns to FRESCA! with their latest show: MAÑA, based on the transmission of knowledge from a grandfather to a grandson, but developed from the perspective of the craftsman and artist himself. It is an installation-based show that revolves around the construction process of a giant bow, but always highlighting the artisanal approach and, above all, ingenuity.

Manolo Alcántara’s trajectory undoubtedly has helped him establish himself as one of the most interesting and genuine artists in the current performing arts scene. Throughout his 25-year career, he has received numerous notable awards, both for his career, such as the National Circus Award 2021, and for the MAÑA show, for which he has received the Susana Herreras Award for Best Show at the ARCA Festival 2022 and the Most Innovative Show Award at TAV Valladolid 2022.


UpArte is a contemporary circus company formed in Murcia at the end of 2012. After more than 250 performances, UpArte comes to FRESCA! with the desire to showcase the distinctive brand that characterises them to the audience in Alicante. Their shows are based on a refined, high-level acrobatic technique that makes them a unique, eye-catching, and visually captivating theatrical experience, managing to naturally connect with the viewer while also leaving them breathless.

Stripped of everything except ourselves, the eternal quest to rid ourselves of appearances, prejudices, and roles, revealing ourselves naked and vulnerable to the world, where we will always find others in moments of doubt or danger. DESproVISTO is a commitment to plasticity, flexibility, and change, making us realise that not everything has to be the same all the time.


A log and a man. PELAT is a proposal that blurs the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre, and performance; between audience and spectacle. Through a revisiting of rural and artisanal techniques, and by highlighting collective work, Joan outlines a preliminary plan and, in particular, revives the dialogue between man and object, creating a fleeting encounter whose sole objective is to share, listen, and participate.

A unique action that evolves as a result of interaction with the spectator. The key is to remain open, active, receptive to change, and break with conventions in order to enjoy the freedom to choose.


The company Midnight was founded in 2015 by artists Simone Scaini and Joris Verbeeren, self-taught acrobats and jugglers who define themselves with a style that combines traditional and contemporary circus, while maintaining the danger and excitement that we all love in classic circus.

Their show US portrays a unique pair of “Homo Sapiens Idioticus”. Two accomplices, who together have discovered everything that can be done with a knife. Above them is the third actor of the show: the structure, from which about 100 objects hang, ready to fall at any moment, controlled by a computer. The show combines skill and technology with comedy. It’s an unhealthy mix of knife-throwing, a rebellious computer, and a bunch of bad ideas… Impossible to do something that isn’t fun.


La Trócola Circ is an Alicante-based circus company directed by Andrea Pérez and Jon Sádaba, which bases its productions on the study of objects. With a clear commitment to innovation, they explore and bring to the stage different circus languages characterised by a creative and fun imagination.

This year, La Trócola celebrates its 10 years of work with R.E.M., a show for all audiences based on the study of a very particular object: a bed. 4 artists on stage, 4 beds, and a journey into the world of dreams: from the magical and surreal to daydreaming. R.E.M. speaks about the fear of failure, self-demand, the borders and barriers of the Western world, magic, and dreams. Juggling at heights, vertical acts, hand balances, magic, acrobatics, banquine, and acrobatic lifts. A call to bravery, to achieve what we long for or at least to give it a try.


SONO IO? is an attempt by a father and son to reconnect (once again). United by a shared passion for music and tricks, they build a bridge between their similarities and differences. The father seems entrenched in his past, desperately seeking a long-lost feeling of ecstasy that he could only create with an audience. An audience that has been absent for a long time. The son seeks to reconcile his two beloved worlds: the old circus created by his father and the future, navigating between past glory and new opportunities. Danny and Pepijn Ronaldo, besides being father and son, are representatives of a lineage rooted in the circus world since the 19th century, spanning seven generations of artists.

Circus Ronaldo has toured the most prestigious theatres and circus festivals, from Reykjavik to Lisbon in Europe, to Australia and New Zealand. Based on ancient performance traditions, they create an innovative form of circus that is indissolubly linked to the roots of the past, to caravans and tents. Inspired by commedia dell’arte, they create a world of magical realism that makes us doubt what is real and what is not. It is a manifestation of emotion and tradition, a mirror reflecting our fragile identity. It offers a unique experience.


For the first time, the circus company Galactick Ensemble bring their show OPTRAKEN to Spain.

In this piece, five fantastic acrobats confront a hostile environment. The unstable floor disappears beneath their feet, the walls wobble, the ceilings collapse, and dangers lurk everywhere. They emerge from and within the imbalance, creating a theatricality that we want to question, intensify, and stage. The objective? To showcase acrobatics not just as an elegant way to defy gravity, but as something with a capacity to test unpredictability.

Forget about the elegant frilly leotards and sequins: this wonderfully original acrobatic theatre piece is a battle where every movement is crucial for survival. It’s spectacular, impressive, unpredictable, and immensely fun. How do these five plaster-covered individuals manage to maintain their elegance and agility amidst this chaotic mess? That’s where all their charm lies!

CIA. CRIS-IS presents HOME

The acrobat and clown Cristina Solé Freixa has been working in the world of performing arts since 1998. Over these more than 20 years, she has traveled the world with great productions such as Circus Klezmer, Rodò, and Circo Ronaldo. She is also a co-founder of the companies Circo Imperfecto and Los2play. Cristina has worked as a performer with the company Circo Imperfecto, Los Excéntricos, and La Industrial Teatrera. She currently collaborates with Cia Ponte en Pie and Cia Leandre Clown. In 2017, she founded Cris-is, her own company, and after her first street solo show Wet Floor (2017), she now presents HOME, directed by Leandre Ribera.

In a miserable house, a couple lives their pitiful routine. HOME is a drama in the service of comedy that provokes laughter, the good kind, the hearty kind that heals. It’s a thrilling, emotional, hilarious, and tender clown show designed for all audiences.